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What our customers say

I can't believe how much better my knees and hips feel after wearing these.  I'm a postal worker so I'm on my feet all day long!  Everyone in the office now wears them! Thanks, guys!

MANISH PATEL, Springfield, MA

These are the best things I have bought! I have been buying those heel pain insoles for along time, from the store. But when I got these new insoles they are the only ones now! Good for my feet!


Been suffering from plantar fasciitis for many months. I was not able to run as I did before. But these insoles are awesome. I love it. I am using it while running, walking and golfing.  Planning to buy one more pair.


Thin design that relieves foot, knee & back pain.

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Thin, comfortable shoe insole design that relieves foot, knee & back pain. Massages your foot in every step

Shock Absorbers for Your Feet

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iGelSoles help with:

Plantar fasciitis, poor circulation, low back pain, hip pain, ankle pain, leg pain, arthritis, foot impact stress, varicose veins, and so many other health issues.