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People that work on their feet all day on hard floors can experience enormous fatigue at the end of a long shift. The resiliency provided by the use of iGel Soles allows the wearer to end their long day at work feeling less fatigue in their lower body due to the combination of cushioning, massaging and shock resolution. 

Cushioning - iGelSoles act as a shock absorber - easing joint pain on your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

Massage - The constant massage increases circulation. iGelSoles offer a constant massage to the bottom of the feet. With each step, the glycerin is moved forward, and as the ball of the foot descends, moves back to the heel of the foot. By creating this action, there is a constant massage to the bottom of the feet, as long as iGel Soles are in place. There are thousands of nerve endings located at the bottom of the feet. These nerve endings lead to various parts of the body. These nerve areas are set in small clusters and have a tendency to accumulate uric acid deposits. Massaging these little nodes, over a period of time, can actually break down the deposits of uric acid crystals that have formed on the nerve clusters. By massaging the entire bottoms of the feet, iGel Soles work constantly to dissolve deposits. The glycerin is a dense consistency, which makes it slower in movement than other liquids. The slower movement creates a deeper massage action, therefore is very therapeutic.          

Even weight distribution -  It is a known fact that liquid seeks it’s own level. The Glycerin in our iGel Soles will therefore, float the feet, allowing even distribution of weight. A foam, rubber, or plastic insole is not able to float the foot. The even distribution of weight also reduces the amount of friction on the feet.


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