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How do iGelSoles Feel?


The first time you put iGelSoles in your shoes and walk around, it can feel a little weird, for some it can feel very weird. This is totally normal and you're not alone!

You also might find yourself constantly shifting your weight on your feet to feel the glycerin move around under your feet as you stand still. This is totally normal and you're not alone! 

If it seems to be a little too much for you, we recommend that you wear your insoles for only a few hours at first and gradually work up to wearing them all day. 

You will notice that each step you take causes the gel to flow, providing just the right support for your arches and pressure points. 

This sensation will be unnoticed after you grow accustomed to them.

Get them now and breathe new life into your favorite footwear!

Manufactured from super-durable, easy-to-clean advanced TPU material for safe, on-going foot hygiene.

With just the slightest body movement the glycerin moves where it needs to be in the carefully shaped channels in the insoles which, stimulates muscle action, and increases the blood and oxygen flow. The gel-flow massage-action increases the blood circulation which helps to reduce the foot temperature, the burning foot sensation and perspiration giving additional benefits to foot hygiene.