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Seeking Support With a Difference You’ll Feel?

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Seeking Support With a Difference You’ll Feel?

  • - Massaging Gel activates with each step
  • - Boosts circulation+eases muscular tension
  • - Support conforms to contours of your feet
  • - ¼ the price of custom orthotics ($37.00 vs. $200.00)
  • -Massaging Gel activates with each step
    -Boosts circulation+eases muscular tension
    -Support conforms to contours of your feet
  • -¼ the price of custom orthotics ($49.95 vs. $200.00)

“I used to love running, now all I can think about is the pain.”

Sound familiar?

Whether walking, standing on your feet all day, or wanting to hit your stride in health and fitness - foot pain is...well, a PAIN.

Luckily, our highly advanced insoles allow for instant relief that your feet will thank you for!


Advanced Gel Technology

To adapt to your unique footprint and give you the exact support you need.

Shock Absorbing Solution

With gel shifting from high to low pressure areas with each step. Let your insoles absorb the shock, not your ankles, knees, and lower back!

Sleek Design to Fit Every Shoe

Gym shoes. Work shoes. Casual shoes. With thin and easy to insert insoles your feet can be happy wherever they go!

Relief You Don’t Have to Wait For

Because who has time to wait to feel better? The insoles create instant relief so that you can walk, work, or run...without having to pay for it later.

Long life use and unbeatable warranty

Our warranty is the longest in the industry. No competitors come close. It doesn't matter if you step on a nail or your dog eats them, just send them back to us and we will ship you a new pair.



These are the best things I have bought! I have been buying those heel pain insoles for a long time, from the store. But when I got these new insoles they are the only ones I want now! Good for my feet!

-Terry Poone, Denver, CO

I can’t believe how much better my knees and hips feel! I am a postal worker so I am on my feet all day. Everyone in the office now wears them! Thanks guys!

-Manish Patel, Springfield, MA

Been suffering from plantar fasciitis for many months. I was not able to run as I did before. But these insoles are awesome. I love it. I am using it while running, walking and golfing. Planning to buy one more pair!

-Tyler McCauley, Milwaukee, WI


The #1 Reason Foot Pain Exists is because we were designed to walk bare feet on soft ground...But how often are you walking barefoot on soft ground? I’m guessing not very often...maybe never.

Most of us are:

  • Walking on hard surfaces day-in-day-out
  • Wearing improper footwear for long periods of time
  • Wondering how to fix our foot, knee, legs, and back pain (but never really getting to the root issue: aka the natural alignment and posture of our feet)

The IMPACT of poor foot alignment creates a ripple effect over the entire body, causing:

  • Bad posture
  • Poor circulation
  • Achy & swelling feet
  • Many spinal column problems
  • Knee, back, hip, and joint pain
  • And, most importantly: an inability to be as active as you’d like to be!



Starts with the “Pump” effect.

iGelSoles are flexible and “pump” at the arches of your foot with every step you take.

This constant “pumping” improves blood flow and stimulates circulation in the foot and entire body.

Increased circulation helps…

  • Stop burning feet
  • Put an end to leg cramps
  • Fix foot swelling
  • And even improves discomfort that comes with gout and diabetes [by dissolving the pockets of uric acid and crystals which develop from poor circulation]


Bad posture starts at your feet.

[and causes pain throughout the body]

iGelsoles target poor posture by better supporting your arches, creating a positive ripple effect on every vertebrae of the spine.

How? By placing an upward pressure on your arches. Doing so, creates a natural rotation in your pelvis, allowing your spine to stack straight up and down (without having to think about it or practice yoga 7x a week).

Create a strong foundation to stand on.

By supporting your arches and evenly distributing your weight through the entire foot you will be able to notice:

  • Immediate improvements in your posture
  • A decrease in hip, back, and leg pain (because your spine is now doing its job and supporting your weight - rather than your muscles)
  • A decrease in knee pain due to better alignment of your feet and ankles


Subtle shifts can lead to significant improvements in your health & body.



Remove any generic insoles you may have in your shoes


Slip your iGelsoles into your shoes


If needed, trim your iGelsoles to best fit your shoes


Get relief (that you don’t have to wait for)


Remove iGelsoles to wash when needed and then, as they say, rinse and repeat!

Our warranty is the longest in the industry. No competitors come close. It doesn't matter if you step on a nail or your dog eats them, just send them back to us and we will ship you a new pair.



Try them! The Only thing you have to lose is your pain ;)


  • You secretly want to “WOW” your loved ones - knowing that when you fix the pain you’re feeling you will feel more energized, excited, and active in life again!
  • You are tired of counting down the minutes at work, thinking “when can I get off my feet and onto the couch!?!”
  • You want a high tech solution that is simple to use…because who has time to figure out a million gadgets and gizmos of plenty…(oh wait, the Little Mermaid? Well she didn’t have feet soo…)
  • You are tired of feeling older than you really are - you have so much more life to live and pep in your step to give!
  • You miss walking, running, or simply standing for longer periods of time without having to count down the seconds until you are feet up, netflixing because the aches and pains are just simply too much.
  • You just like the idea of inserting a high tech insole right into your shoe and feeling the relief on the first step...
  • You don’t want to have to visit the chiropractor constantly - you want to fix your posture and put an end to your pain NOW!


It feels like a massage in every step.

It feels like I’m walking on clouds!

I can’t believe how much better my knees and hips feel.


Who are these for?

Honestly? Anyone who has achy feet and other pain (such as knee, hip, legs, and back pain). We don’t discriminate. Everyone deserves to treat their feet.

How long do igelsoles last?

On average, 2-3 years. This is longer than most of our competitors. We also offer a 1 year warranty - no questions asked!

How does the 1 year replacement warranty work?

We have a “no questions asked” 1 year replacement warranty. We don’t anticipate them breaking or leaking, but if they do, we’ve got you covered! Heck, even if your dogs chews them up or if you step on a nail we will replace them for you.

Our unique manufacturing process protects the insole against breakage. In the event they do break, the glycerin will not damage your shoes, plain warm water will wash out the glycerin.

Most back and knee pain can be corrected with realignment of the bones in the foot. Humans were meant to walk barefoot on soft ground, not wearing high heels, crocs, clogs, flip-flops or thongs! Because the liquid glycerin is self leveling your foot actually FLOATS on the Liquid Glycerin. The Glycerin is then evenly distributed under your feet filling in the low pressure points and taking pressure off the points of your foot that typically bears all of your body weight. The realignment of the bones and distribution of your body weight takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of your knees and back. Our liquid gel insoles also work with acupressure points on the foot providing natural foot pain relief. Within 2 to 3 days you will see a dramatic difference in lower back ache and knee pain.

What shoes can I wear with them?

iGelSoles can be worn with any closed back shoe. Just follow the trim guide in the toe area to trim your insoles to the perfect length for a custom fit. Make sure to not cut into the Glycerin cell. This will void your warranty. The woven polyester top and bottom covering will allow your feet to breathe unlike standard rubber/plastic insoles sold at Drug Stores.

What is the fluid made of?

We use 100% pure Liquid Glycerin that is FDA approved. This food additive is found in many recipes. It is also used in some skin creams, makeup and lipstick. Other similar products will use animal based glycerin or water combinations which will reduce the therapeutic and massaging affects.

Will they break or leak?

Our warranty is the longest in the industry. No competitors come close. It doesn't matter if you step on a nail or your dog eats them, just send them back to us and we will ship you a new pair.

Will they make my feet hot?

No. Our insoles will cool your feet in the summer. The Glycerin absorbs heat from your feet and decreases perspiration.

What if I wear orthotics?

iGelSoles should be placed on top of the orthotic. They will shape to the orthotic so as not to distort the function and will make the orthotic more comfortable. We recommend you continue wearing the orthotic if your doctor prescribed them.

Can I wash them?

Yes, you can wash your iGelSoles in cold water in the washing machine. Make sure not to machine dry! Air dry only.

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