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Liquid Filled Orthotic Massaging Shoe Insoles for Everyday Foot Pain Relief

Great for pain relief of heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and arch pain.  Those of you that have tried them know just how beneficial they can be to relieve foot, knee and back pain!

Women's Insoles

SKU: 001
  • • 100% Pure Liquid Glycerin
    • Thin design allows you to place our insole over your shoes standard insole
    • Works great whether you have foot pain or just want to be comfortable!
    • Relieves Foot Pain - Realigns bones to their natural position
    • Neuropathy - Increases circulation
    • Relieves Knee Pain - Redistributes weight and takes pressure off of knees and back
    • Relieves Back Ache - Reduces pressure on lower back
    • Relief From Heel Spurs - 15x the impact resistant of standard gel insoles
    • Relief from Plantar Fasciitis
    • Relieves Fibromyalgia - Increases circulation using specific pressure points
    • Relief From Burning Feet - Velvet material and Liquid Glycerin cools your feet
    • Relief From Mortons NeuromaRelief From Calluses
    • Relief From Plantar WartsDiabetic Foot Relief - Noticable increase in circulation